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Welcome to our early 1900s farm located in in central Alberta just 1 hr from Edmonton in Bawlf, AB.  This early settled farm yard is rich with history and stories that we want to be able to share.

On the property you can find the original single room house from 1902 which is now the on farm market. The original pig barn from 1914 is now our nursery for chicks and lambs. The 1915 hip roof barn is still used for livestock today. Last but definitely not least the "Big House" that was built in 1917 and was the first home in the area with indoor plumbing. There has been 2 significant additions to the house which include the kitchen and the indoor photography studio. Every building was constructed by hand and with complete craftsmanship.  With the exception of a few of the smaller out buildings all of the original buildings are still standing and are utilized in our operation in some capacity. 

Our mission with Lil Ryley Farms has always been to get back to the basics with life, relationships, food and farming. So we are taking a step back in time and truly experiencing what life was like to live and farm in that era and we hope you will join us. 

Our operation includes laying hens that provide us and our community with fresh eggs daily.  We have 3 acres that are seeded into vegetables that the community (near and far) have the chance to come out, get their hands dirty, and pick their own produce. We have an indoor growing facility where we grow Microgreens year round for retail and for local chefs/restaurants to add amazing flavour & color to their dishes. Last but not least, we have our Market Barn where every item in the market is sourced within an hour of the farm. The market has also been set up as a limited waste market, so please bring your produce bags, bins, and containers to take home all of your products and to help reduce our waste footprint. 

We are building this farm and experience not just for us but for our community. Lets get back to the basics of truly understanding where our food comes from, let's open up the conversation between farmer and consumer and give everyone the chance to take a step back in time.

Are you ready to join us?

17336 Hwy 26
Bawlf, AB

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