On the farm we have laying hens that are happy to produce fresh eggs for us and our community to enjoy.  Eggs can be purchased online, through our gym partner Quick Pick fridges and also through our Guaranteed Delivery service.


No need to ever wait for that summer weather for fresh greens with this great crop! Year round we produce several varieties of microgreens that are sent out weekly to retail locations, restaurants, chefs and direct to our customers through our Guaranteed Delivery service. These tiny plants produce a mighty punch in flavour and nutrients. If you haven't tried them yet, they are one you will want to grab next time you order!


Every spring the dirt is plowed and the seeds are sowed all to produce vegetables for us and our community to enjoy.  The Veggies are available through online ordering, grabbing from our on site market and we even open the garden up for a U-Pick so that you too can enjoy the experience of picking your own vegetables to take home to share with your family!

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