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Its all about food, family and friends!

With Adam's background and love of agriculture and Kerri's drive to try everything new came a new family project that soon turned into a business venture that the whole family could be a part of. 
We not only strive to provide quality locally grown fresh food to our community but to also provide education and transparency to our customers.  With all the marketing and buzz words in the food industry we want to take it back to the basics and let our customers get to know their farmer. We love to answer questions and provide information on why we do what we do and we look forward to getting to know each and every single one of you through our events and farm visits! 
See you soon!



Jack of all trades is truly this guys title. 
He grew up on a farm in southern Manitoba before his family moved to Alberta when he was 9 years old. Adam's vast experience and knowledge has come from his many different occupations.  He has been everything from truck driver, ironworker, welder, mechanic and pilot are just a few titles he has held over the years.  
He truly is our engineer, builder, mechanic and scientist on this farm.

We are just getting started with busy ve


This born and raised city girl has officially turned into a farm girl! 
Most of her career has been spent behind a desk. She has done everything from inventory management, safety, administration and years of being an executive assistant.  The farm spreadsheets are quite elaborate but you wont often find her behind a desk anymore as she prefers to spend her time loving the animals, taking care of the plants and driving all the tractors. 

It isn’t the farm that makes the farmer!


This is a boy that has a strong love for all things animals and learning new things.  He may only be 10 years old but has not only learned the importance of animal husbandry, how to grow a vegetable but has mastered driving almost every tractor on our farm. Just like any kid, he loves his down time watching movies and playing video games when the work is all done.

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