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Everything has a consequence

Our farm has been built around education and transparency between producer and consumers. You do not have to agree with what we produce or how we produce it; that’s the beauty about farming and producing food. There are several different methods that can be used to produce the food we as human beings consume. Whether it is whole plant based food grown conventionally, organically, sustainably, in large scale or on small scale. Whether it’s producing and raising animal proteins or plowing the land to grow plant based proteins. Or there is even the other option of completely manufactured food that comes from factories that has a list of ingredients as long as Santa’s naughty or nice list.

Part of our education stance is to show it all. It’s to show those beautiful babies that are born on our farm. It’s showing the heartbreak when we loose an animal suddenly. It’s the tears that roll down our face when we give a sheep one last hug and thank it for its life as we send it into a processor so that we can feed not only ourselves but our community. We show the failures of a lost veggie crop due to drought or drowning. We also show the over abundance we get on a great growing season and share it with our community with discounted prices. But what we as humans need to remember is that our entire existence has a consequence and we can not continue to be ignorant to that.

Everything we do, everything we consume as humans has a consequence. From The device you view this on to the house you live in. The habitat that has been displaced to have the lumber harvested to construct the home you view the Internet from, to the land affected from mining the minerals to build the devices you use, the vehicles we use as modes of transportation to work, to the store to buy our goods and services, to the yearly winter vacations to escape the cold winters. It all has consequences.

So until humans are willing to run around on all fours, foraging on native grass and wild berries, drinking from a stream and refusing to live in a man made structure, people have to accept the fact that even your plant protein based diet has consequences to animals and nature. Humans have clearly become so disconnected from the source of our sustenance that people have developed a self righteous belief that there is no consequence to our existence.

It’s time to face the facts about the reality we as humans live in. Everything you have, use and eat is the result of something dying and giving its life for you to enjoy yours.

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