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Hen Health - Prolapsed Vent

So you might wonder why we have a hen in our kitchen...

Well that is one small part of being farmers and raising animals that sometimes they just have to come into the house for a quick health check. After all, our #1 rule is that our hens are happy and healthy and production comes after the fact.

This morning we noticed this girl had a prolapsed vent (when a hens oviduct turns inside out). This is often caused when young hens produce very large eggs.

In order to help her recover we have removed her from her flock, clean her up and place her in a private spot. Let's be honest, other chickens can sometimes be jerks and they will peck at a girl that is already injured and it will never turn out well.

So for a few days, her temporary new home will closer to us at the house and it will also be dark for her. The darkness will encourage her to stop laying eggs for a bit so that her vent tissues can recover and she can have some calm down time all by herself. We will also adjust her diet to ensure she is getting the right nutrients to aid in recovering especially adding additional protein.

In a short few days she will be back in the coop and reunited with her flock when she is happy, healthy and ready to play.

For more information feel free to check out:…/prolapsed-vent-chick…/

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