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It only took 33 Loads!

Well it's official...The expansion move has finally been completed!!

We knew it would be quite the undertaking to move an entire farm operation, machine shop and house without interrupting the operations but throw in a global pandemic and the coldest March we have seen in years made this just a weee bit challenging at times.

We have smashed more ice, and shoveled/blowed more snow that we want to even remember, but we managed to get it all complete.

This was something we wanted to make sure we remembered so we wrote down some stats that would help us remember.

1) From first load to last load was 13 days.

2) It took 4 physical people (Adam, Kerri, Ryley & Adam's dad Niel as we wanted to limit the people with the pandemic happening).

3) 33 truck & trailer loads to complete the whole thing

4) 76.5 hrs of driving took place as we had several loads that were slow moving heavy loads.

5) 6732 kms driven

6) Fuel prices ranged from 47.9 - 73.9 cents/litres. We are extremely grateful for the trucks that could take purple farm fuel.

7) 1211.8 litres of gas burned

8) 76.2 litres of diesel burned

9) 7 different types of trailers used. Yes you read that correct. None of this could have happened if we hadn't had access to all the different trailer types (high side dump, low side dump, flat decks, car haulers, enclosed trailers, grain box, tilt deck)

10) 2 tractors(the rest to come at seeding time), 36' auger, 2 large chicken coops, 1 small chicken coop, 3 dirt bikes, 2 quads, 1 grain truck, 2 torn apart Restoration projects, are just among the few pieces of equipment that all had to move.

We also managed to learn a few lesson along way:

-Sleep is completely optional and most likely you wont get much of it

-10 days of no wifi/tv or outside contact doesn't hurt anyone.

-Ryley thinks 80s & 90s movies are the best movies made of all times. (Yes the DVD collection came in handy and had its work out in the last 2 weeks).

-Learning to back up a trailer is essential. And if you don't know how to do it yet, you will be be forced to learn and fast!!

-Farm cats will cut you and quite literally try to kill you when you try to kennel them for a move.

-Don't put your hand in pinch points.

-We all have completely useless crap taking up space.

-Label the damn moving boxes!!!

-Always keep beer in the fridge and the hard alcohol well stocked

-Never give up on your stupid....stupid....seemingly stupid dreams!!!

-Hire....F*&^*ing movers!!!

Truly this move never would have happened without some amazing people we have had in our lives. First and foremost to Jamie & Ed that have seen our vision of this farm and our business and gave us the opportunity to take on this amazing space that is not only allowing us to expand but the ability for us to be able to share it with our community! Thank you to Adam's dad, Niel, who has spent countless hours on the road and loading/unloading the crazy loads we put in front of him. To Kerri's dad, Rudi, for lending us his truck that could actually haul some of our crazy heavy loads while he was home recovering. To Adam's cousin, Derek, who lent us a bobcat and access to the countless different types of trailers needed. And to Kerri's mom, Kathy, for having all the cleaning gadgets in the world to make leaving one property and getting in

to the next that much easier. Without all of you this move would have take a whole lot longer and a whole lot more arguments, I'm sure.

All in all we are officially home at the new farm with only 1 injury (Adam and the ice decided to have a fight again and the ice won and Adam's shoulder lost this time). We have internet hooked up. The kid is back to doing school work. And our client orders are growing by the day! A giant thanks to you, our clients, for standing by us, believing in us and continuing to order from us in these crazy times! You are the ones that truly allow us to live our dreams and we can not thank you enough!!

If you believe in something with enough passion, others will believe in you too!!

This door says it all!!

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