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We're Expanding!! Again!!

We are extremely excited to announce that we will be expanding our operations for 2020 to keep up with our continually expanding customer base. It is a giant thanks to all of our current customers for their loyalty and sharing of their love of our products with friends and family. We can not thank you enough!

In order for us to accommodate the expansion we will be moving the farming operation south east of our current location and we will be setting up near the town of Bawlf (just outside of Camrose). This expansion will allow us to more than double our hen flock, expand our microgreen production and provide a U-Pick veggie garden that has been inquired about by many of our clients.

With the move we want to ensure our current customers know that the services we are providing now will not be changing. We will continue to deliver to all our restaurants, retail locations and gym partnerships on Tuesdays and we will still have farm pick up available (just at the new farm). For those that have drop offs on Thursdays or Farm pick ups currently, we will be reaching out to you directly to find the best option available for you to continue receiving your products.

This big move will be taking place over the course of the month of March as we try to move the entire operation, house and shop without any interruption in production.

We have so many more exciting things we will be offering at the new property and we can not wait to share them all with you! But for now, we will focus on getting this farm moved! So make sure to follow along through our social media to see what new aspects we are tacking each week to prepare for this move and make it all happen. This shall be in an interesting next few months!!

Here is a sneak of the new property!!!

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